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Post  Blasta on Tue Feb 17, 2009 1:56 pm

Name: Blasta

Main Job: RDM

Other Jobs: BLM (SJ:/DRK/WHM/NIN)

About myself: My name is Blasta, 19-year old student/army slave from Finland.
I have played nearly 3 years, 364 days playtime.

RDM gears:
AF2: 5/5, HQ staves, mahatma cuffs+slops, wise pigaches +1, dusks+speed belt (30M for RDM utsusemi, of course?) Blood finger+feet, mst.cst bracelets,altruistic cape, prism cape and so on.

BLM gears:
AF2: 2/5 (hands, legs) Basicly i have the basic set that includes hq staves, int and mab gears.

I havent had a good LS history so far, various sky linkshells but thats pretty much it. Currently i run my own dynamis shell Gaia, and i am also in Nephilim LS doing limbus and sky. All my spare time goes to relic, which i have farmed for about a year now. This is the reason i havent had much time to do anything else (leveling, quests, ls's etc)

Ice/Wind acc 5/5
Slow II 5/5
Bio III (changing Phalanx II)
Ice/Thund potency 4/5
Feeze II 1/3
MP 4/8

Why should you pick me?

I love the fact that RDM is able to refresh/haste/tank/ or kite well. Im up for any of these tasks and have proper gear sets. However my true power is right here...

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