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Sonded's App

Post  Sonded on Tue Mar 10, 2009 2:10 pm

Name: Sonded

Main: BLM

Other Notable Jobs: RDM, BRD, MNK

Info about me: I know a lot of members in your shell through Armada (so I have a few that would vouch for me). I've played FFXI since '03, I sold my first account when I quit mid '08 and got a new one (I'm getting this out there because I still get questions about it). I have done most of end-game, including a little stunt with HomingMissle Einharhjar (right when they were getting started). All of my jobs are geared, and all have at least a few merits (I can give a list of gear/merits if required).

I think that was it for the app so....~

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