Einherjar application

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Einherjar application

Post  Wolfhear on Fri Mar 20, 2009 4:29 am

Character: Wolfheart

Main job: Thief

Other 75s: Bard, and soon enough Drk.

Other info: Currently I lead / co-lead the Sky/sea/limbus events for Nephilim LS. Our Tuesday limbus might cause me to be slightly late for gathering time, until those EU guys decide to adjust their time zone.

About my jobs: Thief is my preferred job for events. It is very well geared, though missing TH4. It's fully merited, with 5/5 feint (worth noting). Bard, I don't mind bringing sometimes, but I have very little experience on it. Though it is also fully merited with 5/5 troub/night, and lullaby / minuet. Drk, I plan to gear for zerging, minus a K club. If I'm feeling adventurous I might get it some tank gear.

Hope you have a place for me in Ribbon's Einherjar. It seems like a fun event to unwind with after my 3 hr marathons of Sky, Sea, and Dynamis.


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