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Post  Miemo on Mon Apr 06, 2009 2:57 am

Looks like we have had a database crash~

Sorry for the people who lost their accounts, I noticed a few stuff that needs fixing.

New accounts for Allister(fixed) + Greiver(fixed) + Felipe + Monteiro(fixed) +Wolfheart(fixed) +Nyvec(fixed).
Need retype all boss -strats for tier 3. (fixed)
Need redo Winherjar Feather section. (Clever name ey?Very Happy ) - (Fixed)
Vid's are gone same with screenshots. (fixed - thanx Greiver and Monteiro)
Events done since end of march. (not fixed, and skipping it since we know the # count for every run anyways.)

If anyone else noticed anything missing please post below. All stuff added after march 24~ or close to it is gone >.< !!
If anyone is asked in game about why they cant log on - most likely need a new account. Theese 5 are just from top of my head that needs fixing~

Also am trying to get in touch with "Forumtoion" to see if they kept any back-up or simular.

Sorry for the inconvenience //Miemo

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