Wing 3 - Dendainsonne

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Wing 3 - Dendainsonne

Post  Miemo on Tue Apr 14, 2009 6:45 am

[Death Count: Unfought]

One of the easier Bosses in Tier 3.
Barthundra allways on this one since his attacks are lightningbased.

Only really one move to watch out for, and its the Behemoth signature move - Meteor.
Dendainsonne will announce this in the following way:
"Dendainsonne looks angry..."
"Dendainsonne is enraged!"
"Dendainsonne is out of control!" (Means he's waiting on the recast time and will cast soon as it's ready. He may say this multiple times.)
"Dendainsonne appears to be mocking you..." (casts Meteor)

We will ofcourse Chainspell stun his arse so we will most likely not get hit by Meteor IF we kill it fast enough.

Other moves he use are:
Single target Draw In.
Flame Armor: Blaze Spikes effect.
Howl: Warcry effect.
Kick Out: Heavy damage AoE attack triggered when someone gets hate from behind.
Shock Wave: Cone Attack damage + Knockback.
Thunderbolt: 40' AoE Lightning damage and Stun.
Wild Horn: Cone Attack damage.



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