Wing 3 - Stoorworm

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Wing 3 - Stoorworm

Post  Miemo on Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:39 am

[Death Count: 1/1]

Baraero for all mages~

Stoorworm is just like any other Hydra - except he Don't have Auto-Regen.

Basically we "standard" kill this. Chainsepll Stunings. Bard 2 hour for buffs. And all melee go all out.
Only thing special about him is he can freely use Might Strikes, several times in a row if he feels like it.

What to expect:
Single Target Draw In.
Trembling: AoE DMG Attack with additional effect of Dispel. Blinkable, wipes shadows.
Barofield: Cone Attack Wind damage with additional effect of Gravity. Ignores shadows.
Serpentine Tail: Heavy damage single target attack triggered when someone gets hate from behind.
Nerve Gas: 10' AoE Curse, 20hp/tick Poison.
Polar Blast: Ice-based Breath Attack, Paralyze effect.
Pyric Bulwark: Physical Shield. Unable to Dispel.
Pyric Blast: Fire-based Breath Attack, Plague effect.
Polar Bulwark: Magic Shield. Unable to Dispel.



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