Wing 3 - Vampyr Jarl

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Wing 3 - Vampyr Jarl Empty Wing 3 - Vampyr Jarl

Post  Miemo on Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:50 am

Wing 3 - Vampyr Jarl Vampyr_jarl

[Death Count: 0/1]

Also a fun and very hard fight.
Vampyr Jarl acts in a very different manner from what we have encountered earlier inside Einherjar.
Mainly what he does is that he splits up into several smaller mobs. Namely Bats and/or Hounds.

Whats peculiar about this is the lesser mobs can not be damaged all at a time. When he splits up the following will happen:
All assists will single out a mob on their own, do damage to it and report in /linkshell IF it takes any damage. Once we know wich mob to hit first all others will /assist this person. After some/all smaller mobs are dead the boss will transform back into Vampyr form (with less amount of HP then pre transform) and all will start bashing him again.

This transformation is stunable, so hopefully we will nail it so we don't have to chase mobs all over the arena.
Chainspell Stun and fully buffed DD's to bring him down fast (hopefully).

Moves to expect:
Single Target Draw In.
Bloodrake: Single target, large HP drain
Decollation: Physical damage
Eternal Damnation: Conic AoE Gaze-type Doom
Nocturnal Servitude: Conal Charm effect and Bat costume
Nosferatu's Kiss: AOE HP and TP Drain
Heliovoid: Absorbs one status effect from players in area of effect
Wings of Gehenna: AoE damage, knockback, and Stun

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Wing 3 - Vampyr Jarl Pbucket


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Wing 3 - Vampyr Jarl Empty Re: Wing 3 - Vampyr Jarl

Post  Greiver on Tue Apr 14, 2009 9:23 am

looks sexy yum yum he he he

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