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Room for improvements! Empty Room for improvements!

Post  Miemo on Wed Apr 29, 2009 12:47 am

Heyas all. Just wanted to bring this topic to light.

We been doing 25 runs in Einherjar. If you read this please post what You belive we can do better. No oppinion is to small or to stupid.
We are a team and need to keep growing together. Almost at Odin now, would be great if we where on top of the game when we get there!

Room for improvements! Pbucket


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Room for improvements! Empty Re: Room for improvements!

Post  Wolfheart on Tue May 12, 2009 12:37 pm

Only things I can think of myself:

Trade those lamps faster. The clock starts when we pop the first one, so we need to get those passed around ASAP. Unfortunately I can't really get more specific besides saying "trade faster." The clock is ticking.

Melee: Eat food. Perhaps some members have a 3 hr food still active on them. But I commonly see only half the melee team eating something. Would you show up without your haubergeon (for applicable jobs)? Not eating a 400-500 gil mithkabob is much worse! Eat something beneficial, please. Even a 120 gil meat jerkey is better then nothing.

Edit: I thought of something else: If we have enough bards (3, maybe) we could rotate at least two of them during the entire einherjar. Superbuffed melee the entire time. The 3rd bard not rotating around could concentrate more on Crowd Control, but the others should have time to toss horde / lullabies around as well. Rotating so much may get annoying, but worth it for a higher chance of winning I think.

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