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Post  Guest on Mon Jan 19, 2009 2:52 pm

Avalonn (character)

Job(s) and Level: BLM75, PUP75, COR75

Merits for each job:
BLM: MP(3), INT(1), Elemental magic(8/8 ), Enfeebling magic(2), Ice potency(5), Lightning potency(4), Wind potency(1), FReezeII(3), FlareII(1), FloodII(1), QuakeII(1), TornadoII(1),BurstII(3)

PUP: H&H(8 ), Critical hit(4), Automaton magic(5), Automaton range(4), Ventriloquy(1), Fine-tuning(2), Optmization(2)

COR: Snake eye(1), Fold(1)
(still working on merit)

Next 75 will be DNC 43lvl am

I live New Jersey was born and raise in Puertorico. Working on staring a new business and for now I am male runway model. I am very easy going and drama free looking to learn and grow...

Current Linkshell Armada,ArmadaLimbus

Sponsor Tomvic and Neevarv


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Post  Miemo on Tue Jan 20, 2009 1:18 am

Welcome to Ribbon~

Contact me in game for a pearl >Smile


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