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Post  Miemo on Wed Jan 21, 2009 6:50 am

Ribbon do Salvage with a point system.
Points are distributed as followed:

5 points - For being at Nyzul Isle Stagingpoint atleast 15 minutes before the set gathering time.
4 points - For arriving later then then 15 minus before the set gathering time.
4 points - For being on time, but leaving the run early.
3 points - For arriving late and leaving early.

Distributed by a "Choose Main" System based on points.
To flag a item, you need to have the accumulated points total at atleast the same level as the gear you want.

As an example.

- You are upgrading Marduk's Tiara.
- You need 3 pieces of gear with a level of 15, 25 or 35.
- One of the drops needed is Anu's Tiara (level 15). To be able to "flag it" you need atleast 15 points.

If more then one person want the same Item the person with highest points total gets the first drop.

If noone have the points needed, or wants the item "flagged", it go free lot to members who picked "Marduk" as their main upgrade set.

If none of the Marduk upgraders need the item - Free lot to all.

All Alexandrite is collected by the "Run Leader". (Either Miemo or a by Miemo appointed Person.)

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