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Post  Miemo on Thu Jan 22, 2009 5:06 am

Before you continue to read - Ribbon do 2 runs a week. We are looking for members who can attend runs both on Tuesdays (Entry time 9GMT/4EST) and Fridays (Entry time 10GMT/5EST).

Ribbon do Einherjar with points.
Points are distributed as followed:

3 points - Being in Hazhalm Testing Grounds atleast 15 minutes pre entry, and have "Points" flagged in /seacom.
2 points - Being in Hazhalm Testing Grounds atleast 15 minutes pre entry, and have a "Point Claim" in /seacom.
1 point - For participating in the run, but you arrive in less then 15 minutes pre entry. If late you cant "Point Claim".

If we would be in the situation of having more people for a run then the amount allowed to enter (36 people), the run leader will decide who gets to go, and who need to sit out. If you are amongst the ones that will sit out you automatically recive 3 Points (If you are at Hazhalm Testing Grounds atleast 15 minutes pre entry) , I'm sorry if this should occur, but Einherjar is a arena (much like a bcnm or dynamis) and only allow a set amount of ppl to enter. Also if you where forced to sit out - 100% chance you wont the next run,

It is not possible to enter a Einherjar run late. If late - 0 points and you should do your best to be on time for the next coming run.

Point Claims:
All gear droped from Einherjar can be flaged in your /seacom. This is what we call a "Point Claim".
All gear droped Will be set for a specific point value. The exact value is going to range between 10 and 20 points.
A list for this will be posted in the "Points" section of the member area.
You must have a job that is able to equip the item to lot it.

If multiple persons Point Claim the same item, the person with the highest accumulated points total gets the first drop.

Entry fee is 180,000 gil to enter Einherjar.
The entry fee is split by all partisipants. - If it isn't a free run.

All Armory Crate drops are collected by the run leader and sent to the Vault.
Items collected this way is primarily sold to LS members for 80% of the last sale on Jeuno Auction House.
If no one is interested in buying a item, the Vault will sell items but -only- sell enough to pay for the upcoming runs. This is to avoid taxes etc, and to give members a good chance of obtaining theese items - with a discount.

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