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Post  Miemo on Mon Feb 02, 2009 10:11 am

The following is more or less how a Einherjar run with Ribbon is supposed to go.

First off - Party Leaders
It is your responsibilty to lead your specific party by following the guidelines posted below.
Party leaders fill 3 functions:
- Placement of your party inside the arena.
- Main Assist for your party. (Party members should macro ' /assist Name ' a.ex /assist Miemo)
- Pull mobs to your party.

Party Members.
- Are to follow the lead of their Party Leader.
- Are to fight Only the target monster off the party leader.
- Are to bring the necessary medicines needed to be at best performance inside Einherjar.

Inside Einherjar every party get to take care of themselves. What's important is to keep your party away from the surrounding parties. I can't stress this enough, though the Area of Effect abilities of the opponents in the chambers, can be devastating not only for your own party, but for your comrades in the alliance as well. Basic rule - More Distance = Safer alliance.

Battle Flow.

Phase #1
The image below (Give cred to my Impossible to gauge Paint skills!!) show the starting positions of our parties. Since Einherjar only allow up to 36 people to enter, all examples will include a full set of 6 parties. (Marked in Blue for DD parties, and in Purple for Mage parties).

Following a entry into a chamber, all partisipants will be clogged up in a tight position. Once all partisipants are inside the Einherjar arena, the party leader will lead their party to the allocated area (1-5 for DD, spot #6 is BLM's) as shown below. (See "Party Setup" thread for info about who is in each party).
Basic Strat's %7BBE5DE0F9-ECF8-4102-B8F1-8C93CCBD162C%7D

- Sidenote Start-
The following instructions will be overrided once we target the special mobs inside the arena. (Hugin, Munin, Heithrun, Saehrimnir.) The following will happen as soon as they are spawned. The party who spots it, will change their target to the new mob. Theese mobs are weak and go down easy. Let's pretend Hugin is locaded close to Party #4. Then Party #4 will engage Hugin head on. The rest of the alliances continue fighting as normal. If the PT leader in PT#4 (in this example) notice they have insuffucient strength in the pt at the given moment - let us know in /L so we dont let the mobs despawn before defeated.
-Sidenote End-

Once all are in position, The "Main Puller" who resides in party #6, will grab a bunch of mobs from the middle of the arena. The bard's (and blm if monsters are appropriate) from party 1,3 and 4 - Will help sleep the Mobs in a rather central area. The positioning should look something like this at this stage.

Basic Strat's %7B6A138467-6E66-4F73-9E33-E1917B82CF53%7D

Phase #3
Now it is the Party Leaders responsibilty to in whatever manner suits this persons liking, to bring 1 mob to their allocated party and its party position. At this time 5 monsters should be fought simultaniously if all go as planed. In the next picture you will see red dots next to each party. Theese dots are the ones pulled by the party leader. Take notice to precaution of keeping the mobs apart from eachother, aswell as maintaining the distance needed to avoid AoE spells/abilities that may hurt other parties not fighting the mob. While theese are being fought, the Main puller will keep 'filling' the central area (not overflowing it) to keep pulls constant for all party leaders. (Shown in green) We will continue this flow untill all the "Lesser monsters" In the arena are dead.

Basic Strat's %7BD1CF3632-1190-478E-A010-A1B6595E01BA%7D

Phase #4
Boss Fight

See specific details of the boss we are fighting in the Einherjar forum. The info below will apply to almost all the boss fights.

- Bard Rotation. All melee Party need to have full buffs (2x March, 2x Madrigal, 2x Minuet) with bard 2 hour on them. The exact means for the bard rotation will be announced in the "Party Setup" thread. All DD's will go all out on the boss once it arrive at the tunnel. 2 hours, buffed ws - you name it. Boss need to be dead, and need to be it fast.
- Chainspell. Each run we need to have 2 allocated RDM/DRK. First rdm should start the Chainspell > Stun when the Boss hit 75% hp. If all go well and the boss hp is depleating according to plan, the second Chainspell stun would be around 30-35% hp of the boss. This should be more then enough time for all DD's to empty their pawn upon the boss, making it -dead- by the time the second Chainspell ends.
- Angon + Tomahawk. Will be used on the boss. First wave directly at 100%. Second wave at 50%. (Same go for the thf Feint ability if we decide to use it).

Special thanx to Ravencrest of Dawn Linkshell, for supplying me with help in strategy and input of Ingame experience of a working strategy

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