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Post  Miemo on Tue Jan 13, 2009 3:43 pm

Jobs at 75 (or close enough) along with applicable subjobs:
- Don't bother listing jobs you'll refuse to play; you may be asked to play whatever job you list, for whatever hnms/events are going on. - Whatever is needed.

Your Race:
- We discriminate. We hate Galkas, they have small heads. j/k

Sky Access?
- Do you have it? If not, please get it - then come back. We'll still be here.

Sea Access/Progress in COP missions?
- This is also a must have, or atleast be somewhat close to CoP Mission 8-1.

Einherjar Interest?
- We plan on doing Einherjar. Will you be able to participate? Do you have experience in this area?

Salvage Interest?
- We plan on doing Salvage. Will you be able to participate? Do you have experience in this area?

HNM Experience?
- What have you fought? What jobs did you use on them, etc.

Times/Days you play?
- Please list in GMT (European) or in EST (Eastern Standard Time "NA").

Why Ribbon?
- Be creative. If you list "For teh PhatLewtz!" or anything remotely close to this, it will be good for laughing at, but otherwise a waste of your time.

Prior/Current Linkshell(s)
- Please list. If you are currently in a linkshell, why are you looking to leave? Can you provide a reference in your current or most recent shell?

Any references in Ribbon?
- If you know anyone, please feel free to list. Walking past someone in Whitegate doesn't constitute knowing someone enough for a reference. Sorry.

Anything else?
- If you can juggle, if you smoke clove cigarettes, if you like sitting on your porch listening to the rain... anything you feel I've left out as a topic but you feel we must know, feel free to list. Oh, yah, if you have crafts, feel free to list.

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