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Wing 1 - Hakenmann Empty Wing 1 - Hakenmann

Post  Miemo on Tue Feb 03, 2009 3:48 am

Wing 1 - Hakenmann Hakenmann

[Death Count: 0/1]

This fight is pretty straight forward. We fight it in the middle of the Arena (Where he spawns).

Like with most of the bosses we go all out with BRD rotation, 2 hours, and Chainspell Stun.

In addition to The Chanspell Stuns - A normal stun order. This will be used only if the boss isn't defeated before the CS Stuns run out. (Possibly before they start it to.)

- Hakenmann uses Draw In, so all mages need to stay close to the boss. If to far away this will mess up the 2 hours, Stuns etc.
- When he use a TP move, he normally do not only 1, but instead he uses 3 consecutive TP moves. This need to be Stuned. If we stun the first TP move - All 3 should be stuned.
- Hakenmann's most dangerous move is called Seismic Tail - Does ~800 Damage and have a added Knockback effect. The move 'is' stunable. But the window to do this extremely small. Hopefully our 2 hour stun chain will prevent this. If you do get hit by it, there is a small chance it will be absorbed by Utsusemi.

- The boss have one really big flaw - It's magic Defence.
Elemental Spells should more or less land unresisted, so all BLM are advised to stack up on Magic Attack Bonus for this fight. The BLM will be the main damage dealers in this fight - Have fun.

As a last note to all BLM's - Stay really close to the boss when nuking and try not to overdo it, we need you alive! And if you get hate - Do not run away. If you get to far away from the boss, he will úse Draw In...

Wing 1 - Hakenmann Pbucket


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