Wing 1 - Nihhus

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Wing 1 - Nihhus Empty Wing 1 - Nihhus

Post  Miemo on Tue Feb 03, 2009 10:49 am

Wing 1 - Nihhus 800px-Nihhus

[Death Count: 1/1]

This fight start of in a pretty low and decent speed. To escalate in a rather rough and stressfull ending.

First thing first. No One, will stand behind him. If you land a hit on him from behind he spits out Paralyga.
Melee should hit him in the sides. Hiting him to the face is more or less a waste of TP since he have a very high defence bonus against frontal attacks.

Also use Draw in, so everyone should stay close to the boss as always.

He uses as skill called Batterhorn. All it do is reset hate. Can be both good or bad, and makes "tanking" a lil difficult.

All mages need to conserve their MP throughout the fight to keep us fit for fight the last parts of the battle.
The opening of the fight is pretty straight forward. Keep depleating his HP bar by standard attacks, ws's etc. His HP should drop fairly easy so be ready to unleash full potentional when said so in Linkshell chat.

Reason for this is once he reach somewhere around 25% HP he will unleash Crippling Slam. What it does is a massive amount of damage, spread in AoE. It also induce a very strong Paralyze on all it hit. So what we going to do is more or less save up all 2 hours as long as we can (before buffs wear from our belowed BRD songs.) and hopefully reach somewhere close to 50% when we hit him full force.

All in all he shouldnt be as tough as he look.

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