Wing 2 - Ariri Samariri

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Wing 2 - Ariri Samariri Empty Wing 2 - Ariri Samariri

Post  Miemo on Mon Feb 16, 2009 3:31 am

Wing 2 - Ariri Samariri Ariri_Samariri

[Death Count: 1/1]

Items Needed:
- Poison Pots
- Echo Drops

Ariri Samariri uses mainly -ga based attacks in various forms. Theese need to be stuned. Well worth knowing is he also build a high cumulative resistance to stun. So it is important to kill him fast - This can be tricky though since another "peculiar" thing about Ariri Samariri is that damage dealt to him will keep geting less as his HP depleats. Prepare for a long fight, made as short as possible.
Moves he use are:

Frog Cheer - Magic Attack Boost and Elemental Seal effect

Frog Song - Single-target Charm and turns target into a Frog. Sleep person hit.
Frog Chorus - Charmga and turns all it hits into a Frog. Sleep the ones hit.

Providence - Haste; Breakga, Bindga, Blindga, Graviga, Slowga, Death, only used when Providence is in effect; cannot be dispelled.

Magic Hammer - Single-target light based magic damage and MP drain effect equal to damage dealt. Ignores shadows.

Water Bomb - 10' AoE water damage (the 10' is not counted from Ariri Samariri, but is counted from the initial target for the ability) with a added Silence effect. This move also reset all hate. Ariri Samariri will after use of this move target a completely different person at random.

In addition to this s/he also use all elemental -ga 3 spells. Mages try and stun theese in particular.

All elemental spells do roughly half damage to him.

Wing 2 - Ariri Samariri Pbucket


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