Wing 2 - Balrahn

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Wing 2 - Balrahn Empty Wing 2 - Balrahn

Post  Miemo on Mon Feb 16, 2009 4:07 am

Wing 2 - Balrahn 478px-Balrahn

[Death Count: 1/1]

Items Needed:
- Holy Water.
- Eye Drops.

Tier II Einherjar is just full of lovely critters. Balrahn is no different. A Soulflayer.

Immortal Shield: Magic Shield effect like Rampart. Note that enfeebling spells and songs still land.
Immortal Mind: Magic Attack Bonus and Magic Defense Bonus.
Immortal Anathema: AoE Curse.

Tribulation: AoE Blind + 39 damage/tick Bio.

Mind Purge: Single-Target, Dispels all buffs, including Food.
Reprobation: AoE, Dispels all buffs, including Food.

Mind Blast: Cone Lightning Damage and Paralyze; wipes Utsusemi.

Draw In - Fight it closely like usual.

Uses elemental -ga 3 spells. - Stun...

Mages should focus on stuning and dispelling for this fight. Melees really need to bring Eyedrops for this since you will more or less be useless if hit with Blind. Ice Spikes can be a pain if not dealt with accordingly. Basically he is just a standard Soulflayer with a extra punch in him. Kill fast, stay safe. BRING MEDS!!!

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