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Wing 2 - Hrungnir Empty Wing 2 - Hrungnir

Post  Miemo on Mon Feb 16, 2009 4:49 am

Wing 2 - Hrungnir 200px-Golem

[Death Count: 0/2]

The key to wining this fight is "timing".
Hrungnir will split into 2 mobs. Much like Ying and Yang from Dynamis - Xarcabard they need to be killed simultaniously.
What will happen is that Alliance #1 will take on one half, and Alliance #2 will take on the other. We need to kill them very much at the same time or else the surviving half will resummon it's counterpart.

Basically when the mob hit 10% it is anounced in the LS, all melee should at this point "turn". When both of the bosses are at 10% we engage and kill last of it. SC stun wont be needed during the fight, so treat them like you treat Zipacana in sky etc.

Take care as to not pull to much hate to a single target though. They both have the ability to use Draw In. This is what we may suffer defeat from so stay sharp. This also mean mages will be in Crystal Rain range - Heavy use of MP suspected. Keep stoneskin up at all times. (Shouldn't have to be said ey? Razz )

Moves they use are nothing new.

Crystal Rain: - 15' AoE magic damage, wipes Utsusemi.
Crystal Shield: - Protect II effect.
Crystal Weapon: - Ranged damage of random element, ignores Utsusemi.
Heavy Strike: - Moderate single-target damage.
Ice Break: - 15' AoE ice damage and bind, wipes Utsusemi.
Thunder Break: - 15' AoE lightning damage and stun.

Wing 2 - Hrungnir Pbucket


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