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Wing 2 - Mokkuralfi Empty Wing 2 - Mokkuralfi

Post  Miemo on Mon Feb 16, 2009 4:59 am

Wing 2 - Mokkuralfi Namnla13

[Death Count: 0/2]

Items Needed:
- Poison Pots.

This is a - Flan.
High resist to melee damage. Less resist to Magic damage.
Reports from other LS's going up against it says he rarely use sleepga - never the less we shall be prepared for the worst. All members need to pop a poison potion at the start of the fight to avoid falling asleep. Sleep is for the old and weak - We are here to kill.
Basically he will spam tier 2-3 -ga spells and Ancient Magic. He can also hit quite hard so make sure to keep shadows up as much as possible.

Uses standard Flan moves with a few additions.

Boiling Point: Cone Attack Magic Defense Down

Amorphic Spikes: Single-target, 5 hit attack

Amplification: Raises Magic Attack Bonus and Magic Defense Bonus

Xenoglossia: Next spell will be cast instantly. Reports of this accuring at roughly 20% hp followed by a Thundaga 4 that hit for close to 1500 damage. Mages stay extra sharp when mob is at critical HP.

Amorphic Scythe: Conic 2-hit physical attack. (Unconfirmed if Mokkuralfi use this but I put it here just in case. )

Wing 2 - Mokkuralfi Pbucket


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