Wing 3 - Freke

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Wing 3 - Freke

Post  Miemo on Tue Apr 14, 2009 6:56 am

[Death Count: 0/1]

Very Straight forward boss run. For all who have fought a Cerberus before you wont see anything new.
Mages keep Barfira up at all times.

Chainspellstun should be enough to bring him down aslong as we do enough damage to it during this time.

What to expect:
Ululation - 20' AoE Paralyze
Magma Hoplon - Stoneskin and Blaze Spikes (Spikes can be dispelled; Stoneskin cannot.)
Sulfurous Breath - A strong (~500 damage) Breath Attack, blinkable
Lava Spit - Short AoE ~400 Fire damage, ignores shadows
Scorching Lash - AoE ~900 physical damage, blinkable; only used when someone behind him has hate
Gates of Hades - 20' AoE ~950 Fire damage and 20hp/tick Burn, only used below 25% HP. ~3 second charge time



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