Wing 1 - Hraesvelg

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Wing 1 - Hraesvelg Empty Wing 1 - Hraesvelg

Post  Miemo on Tue Feb 03, 2009 10:16 am

Wing 1 - Hraesvelg Hraesvelg

[Death Count 1/1]

Not really anything special about this one. Fight is very straight forward. He is more or less like a normal Manticore in Cape Terrigan, just with alot more HP.
He uses Draw In - Wich means we all gonna be fighting him real close. Basically - go apeshit on him and kill him fast.
Keep him still with Chainspell stuning, Buff all DD to max. and just ~Do it.

Wing 1 - Hraesvelg Pbucket


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