Wing 3 - Motsognir

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Wing 3 - Motsognir

Post  Miemo on Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:24 am

[Death Count: 0/1]

By far the hardest Tier 3 boss.
First things first!

You can Not damage Motsognir in any way. No matter what you do you can't damage it at all.
What we need to do is simply Kill his pets.

Motsognirspawns with 12 Kindred NM's. They are Either BLM, DRK or WAR. All have respective 2 hours (not verified but we may aswell expect this.) Every NM we beat down takes of ~8.3% of Motsognir's health.
When the last demon is killed, Motsognir will have around 1% health left and he warps out, which means we win.

For the actual fight. 2 WAR's and a WHM, will do their best to keep Motsognir away from the main alliance (Not at all easy).
The rest will Assist by run leader selected person. S/he will target and kill the Kindred in this order:
Black Mage - Bui, Hadding the Elder, Hjorvarth, Reifnir (Staffs)
Dark Knight - Brami, Hadding the Younger, Hrani, Tind (Scythes)
Warrior - Angantyr, Barri, Hervarth, Tyrfing (Great Axes)

Key terms to win this fight: Keep the Kindreds ASLEEP! ... ....
I want all persons that have any form of sleep to help with this.
Warriors will help provoke Kindreds that are not being fought at the moment to aid the sleepers and make sure they dont die.

Kindreds use the following moves:
Demonic Howl: 10' AoE +50%. Slow (weaker than Haste)
Soul Drain: Single target HP Drain.
Hecatomb Wave: Cone Attack wind damage and Blind, ignores Utsusemi.
Condemnation: Cone Attack physical damage and Stun. (Also used in Dynamis)
Quadrastrike: 4-hit attack on a single target; high damage.(Also used in Dynamis)

Motsognir himself uses the following:
Hellsnap: AoE Stun
Hellclap: Cone damage plus Gravity
Cackle: AoE Magic Attack Down, Magic Accuracy Down, and Magic Defense Down.
Thundris Shriek: AoE Damage plus Terror effect (300-400), causes intimidation
Necrobane: AoE Paralysis and Curse
Necropurge: AoE damage and Curse
Bilgestorm: AoE damage plus Attack Down, Accuracy Down, and Defense Down.



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