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Wing 2 - Tanngrisnir Empty Wing 2 - Tanngrisnir

Post  Miemo on Mon Feb 16, 2009 6:45 am

Wing 2 - Tanngrisnir Tanngrisnir

[Death Count: Unfought]

Items Needed:
- Holy Water

When we engage this one - We remove all our buffs.
The only buffs up would be bard's 2 houred songs. The reason for this is simple:

Nullsong - Dispels all buffs and deals over 100 damage for each buff dispelled.

Also various annoying moves that all need to be stuned:

Petro Eyes - Petrifies players with a gaze.
Flame Breath - Deals Fire damage to enemies within a fan-shaped area.
Thornsong - Covers the user in Blaze Spikes.
Body Slam - Delivers an area attack. Damage varies with TP.

Chaos Blade - Deals Dark damage to enemies within a fan-shaped area. Additional effect: Curse. This move does same damage as it leaves your HP at. If you are at 500/500 HP and this ability does 250 damage and curses you to half HP, you will remain at "full" (250/250) HP.
Having this move followed by a unstunned Body Slam can be same thing as a 3 second vipe.

Wing 2 - Tanngrisnir Pbucket


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